The Business Case
How Does it Benefit Me?

The Business Case

Low running costs and $0 up-front capital required, sounds impressive. Add the fact that the system is almost always self-financing, and there are few reasons to say no. After all, it is probably costing you a lot of money to NOT have your fleet managed with Vodafone tracking. Click a heading to find out how this system quickly ADDS to your bottom line!


Reduce Kilometres

Users of this system save significant kilometres. Why?
  • Monitored drivers quickly cease making unscheduled detours

  • Unauthorised vehicle use after hours is dramatically reduced

  • System highlights efficient routes and identifies drivers taking ‘long’ routes

  • System easily shows closest vehicle to jobs, I.E. More efficient fleet travel

With running costs of $0.40/Km/car and $1/Km/truck, your savings quickly add up.

Reduce Hours

Users of this system have saved over 15 minutes a day (& more) per worker. Why?
  • Monitored drivers don’t take excessive lunch breaks

  • Monitored drivers take less unauthorised breaks

  • A reduction in Km travel automatically results in a saving of driving time

  • Comprehensive system reporting automatically summarises drivers working shifts over each week. Fraudulent or inaccurate time sheets are quickly identified, so you only pay for the actual time worked

  • System clearly shows when a vehicle has left a client address, resulting in a more productive workforce. Reduces ‘time-theft’ or delay between jobs.

System reduces the administration time component of monitoring your fleet. With details accessible instantly by computer, office staff spend less time querying driver locations, or making business decisions based on who might be closest etc.

System reporting validates driver’s timesheets and delivery times, reducing the time admin staff spend on checking errors or inconsistencies. Accurate computer reporting removes the ‘human error’ component.

Reduce Theft
  • Tracked vehicles are less likely to be stolen

  • Tracked vehicles are quickly recovered – limiting damage or loss

  • Alarm monitoring reduces theft and loss of items from vehicles, such as tools

  • Monitored drivers are less likely to steal stock -Unauthorised stops are logged

Lower Insurance Costs
  • Some insurance companies offer 10% off premiums, on tracked vehicles.

  • Reduce costs through savings in OH&S, and less vehicle accidents.

  • Reduce premiums for insurance on your in-vehicle equipment or goods

Reduce Staff
  • Why pay for staff to monitor your vehicle fleet?

  • Why pay for staff to prepare monthly report summaries?

  • Why pay for staff to communicate with drivers or determine who should be given jobs based on locations?

  • Why pay staff to prepare & check timesheets or investigate late deliveries?

Vodafone tracking easily replaces your staff in many areas. It works around the clock for a fraction of the cost, and provides greater accuracy. It enables you to remove positions, or reallocate existing workers to more productive areas.

Lower Communication Costs
  • Fully integrated text messaging displays, with driver text response facility results in fast and accurate communication. Save on mobile calls, and save on actual time spent conducting voice communications. Message archive facility enables accurate storage of communications.

  • Where voice communication is required, the system enables this seamlessly, and at reduced costs to normal mobile rates. Fixed button handset option enables drivers to call only nominated numbers (office etc), further reducing your communication costs. (Duplex operation, unlike ‘two-way’ systems)

Win New Business

Vodafone tracking is a great advantage over competitors when seeking new business.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. You can show prospective clients you KNOW where your drivers are, and what time they will get there. If there is a query, your system can quickly indicate what happened. (Was it really delivered, and when?)

  • CUTTING EDGE. Having a modern fleet tracking system shows your clients you mean business, and actively research new developments, which may assist operations. Your company is alive, responsive to change, and fully capable of delivering a better result than your ‘stale’ competitors.

Improve Staff Quality
  • Drivers who complete their tasks diligently and honestly, welcome fleet tracking systems, as it assists their work, and provides a far greater level of workplace safety. Should problems arise, reports will show they did nothing wrong, removing unwanted suspicion quickly.

  • Drivers who engage in time-theft, stock stealing or who are lazy, repeatedly speed or cause other such problems will be quickly identified through this system. This provides you the opportunity to educate and improve their behaviour, or take disciplinary action.

  • Experience has shown that the mere introduction of this system often results in some workers improving their behaviour, and some ‘bad apples’ choosing to resign, due to increased accountability

Reduce Inefficiency

Vodafone tracking reduces inefficiencies in many different areas, resulting in a boost to your bottom line.
  • Savings in kilometres travelled and work time enable more work to be done, or work to be done faster. Get more business, without paying for more staff.

  • Providing your existing staff with powerful monitoring and reporting tools result in higher levels of service and better customer satisfaction.

  • Knowing where vehicles are assists loading docks to prepare for arrivals, or send staff to early lunch because none of the vehicles are due shortly etc.

Assist Investigation

When something goes wrong, you need to inquire and investigate. This requires time and resources. Existing manual systems have poor accountability, and often cannot provide the answers you need. Vodafone tracking has historical analysis, automatically answering the most important questions of who, when and where in a summarised report format. This drastically reduces time spent by staff looking into problems such as missing stock, late or non-deliveries, time sheet anomalies etc. It also provides far better quality of information – the computer never lies!

In addition, the system automatically REPORTS problems to you, so you can investigate and solve them quickly.
  • Instant notification of unauthorised vehicle use after hours

  • Instant notification of vehicle travelling outside designated area or route

  • Instant notification of vehicle crash or alarm activation

  • Instant notification of vehicle parked inside competitors premises

  • Instant notification if the refrigerated truck has an ‘over-temperature’ alarm.

Shrinkage investigation costs and ‘surveillance’ of suspect drivers activities are high, and results are not always good. Computerised fleet tracking reduces the likelihood of stock shrinkage or time-theft problems in the first place, while providing a valuable tool for investigations should such problems be identified.

Occupational Health and Safety

The system provides a significant benefits and resources to occupational health and safety departments. Savings in this area are difficult to quantify specifically, but are long term saving strategies, which can be quite significant. One vehicle accident through excessive speeding costs your bottom-line serious money through repairs, insurance, time off work, rehabilitation, loss of vehicle use etc. Vodafone fleet tracking significantly helps in this area.
  • Automated report summaries quickly show which vehicles continually speed or drive dangerously (insufficient breaks). Protective and preventitive measures can be taken.

  • Experience shows monitored drivers are less likely to speed

  • Monitored alarms with accurate locations quickly identify if a driver is in trouble, and enable help to respond faster. ‘Vehicle 32. Panic button activation – Eveleigh St Redfern’ or ‘Vehicle 32. Crash sensor detected. 230-262 Windsor Rd Windsor

  • Black box recorder function reports exactly what the vehicle was doing for the 26 seconds prior to a crash impact, which is valuable information.

  • System highlights unrealistic work requests, such as stated delivery times which encourage drivers to speed, or otherwise provide poor service levels in an attempt to complete their work on time.

We would be happy to demonstrate the benefits of the Vodafone Vehicle Tracking System for you and your business. Should you have any further queries

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Reduce Inefficiency Improve Staff Quality Occupational Health and Safety Assist Investigation Win New Business Lower Communication Costs Reduce Staff Lower Insurance Costs Reduce Theft Reduce Hours Reduce Kilometres

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