A new business tool for fleet managers. Track your vehicle fleet in real time, with a host of features that will keep you better informed, streamline your operations, reduce costs and add value to your business. Tracked fleets are safer, and dramatically reduce the speed and fatigue risks, as well as theft. Commercial Insurers like Stirling Risk Services now offer significant premium discounts (10%-12%) to some tracked fleets.

How does it work?

The telematics control unit (TCU) is fitted covertly inside the vehicle. It contains a tiny GPS receiver, a mobile phone modem, a portable computer and a power battery. It is connected to a tiny, combined GSM/GPS antenna. The unit identifies its speed, heading and location to within 25 meters using global positioning satellite signals. It transmits this information to Vodafone using SMS messaging. The ‘hub’ calculates the vehicle positional error due to factors such as atmospheric variations, then provides a revised position accurate to around 5 meters. This information is then made available in many forms such as the Internet, dial-up software or automated SMS messaging on client phones. Alarms, messages and other information can also be transmitted through the TCU. Included in the Orchid package is a supplementary reporting module which allows the user to produce reports of vehicle destinations, average shift times, speeds, duration of time spent in any designated area and more.

What is the System?

It is a highly advanced tracking system, which integrates GPS satellite positioning, together with mobile phone SMS technology. The TCU fitted to the vehicle reports the vehicles exact position, speed and direction in real-time or at set intervals, together with its odometer reading. It is also possible to store the whole days information and download it at the end of the day via a circuit switched data call. Together with proprietary software and advanced digital road maps of the entire country, users are provided with incredible information about their vehicles. The Vodafone response centre offers full 24hr full support and monitoring.

The key benefits of this system are:
  • Locate your vehicle at any time, using your PC or the Internet. See vehicle positions marked on extensive digital road maps, which even cover small country towns. Identify exact road names plus street-number ranges.

  • Print automated report summaries – ‘Stop vs Client’ lists vehicle locations by client or address name (IE text report), according to the parked vehicle’s location. ‘Working hours’ summary shows time between vehicle starting and finishing work each day (Ignition on/off logs). Many types of reports – and for a single car over one day, or summarise a 10-vehicle fleet over a month.

  • Stolen vehicle tracking option. Automatic customer notification of car alarm activation, optional third party security response, or remote disabling. Often results in insurance premium reductions. Remote unlocking feature.

  • 24Hr Australia-wide navigational assistance by Vodafone operators, giving specific ‘turn-by-turn’ directions to tracked drivers, for the cost of the call!

  • Breakdown / crash notification option. Activation of airbags or crash sensors results in the control centre being notified automatically, together with exact vehicle location. Get help fast, automatically!

  • Historical route analysis – answering important questions;

  • Where was the vehicle at 3Pm last Monday, and what was its speed?

  • How long does the vehicle spend parked at Bondi Beach each day?

  • Save money though increased route efficiency, improved OH&S, reduced stress with easy provision of staff locations, offer higher service levels and customer satisfaction, monitor non-performing staff, reduce overtime payments etc

We would be happy to discuss the benefits of the Vodafone Orchid Tracking System for you and your business.

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