Our Values

Neomatrix isn't just a tech company
We are BOLD. We are on a mission:
elp save the world!

We have an opportunity to help build very valuable and useful new technology.

YES, we think BIG!

Our technology has the potential to save billions of dollars annually in time waste, save thousands of years of time waste for drivers on congested roads, and the potential to save real lives, because pollution kills. Congestion causes massive air pollution. Congestion kills.

You can shoot for the stars and we might just reach the moon.
But team NeoMatrix is shooting for deep space ;-)

Reduce congestion to save thousands of lives.

Help reduce climate change by addressing a key pollution emitter; Not just traffic, but traffic congestion. We need smarter ways to bill for road use, so most users pay less, but those directly causing congestion (long periods in peak hour) pay more.

We also need smarter ways to help people see, and then make their own travel more efficient, saving time, money and the environment. This is the space Neomatrix is working in.

We support female empowerment.

Women are grossly under represented in business and in tech. Girls struggle to be properly educated in many countries, and especially in STEM. Neomatrix actively supports diversity.
Diversity in race, culture, sexuality, and gender, with focus on supporting female empowerment, and women in tech especially. We constantly struggle to get enough female coders, but recognise they offer slightly different and complimentary skills to me.

Where are they!? We've chosen to put some focus into this problem.







We also support Girls in STEM, with a focus on Period Poverty and normalising 'gender'.

Why is a tech company having a view on this topic? How is this related? Click for more.