Location Service API

Location API Service

Knowing location is critical for Mobile app developers & Internet of Things.

Usually done with GPS, or else GSM or Wifi. These give point based locations. Historical paths are just a series of these individual points linked together.

Neomatrix is different. It derives paths directly, in novel ways that don't require external reference points. It needs fraction of the power drain of GPS or others, needs no antenna, and runs on much smaller, cheaper hardware, or on most smartphones.

New Use Cases

This allows new applications needing long-term tracking of mobile device movement.

Want to track workers 24/7/365 for safety? Performance? Job allocation by position?Want to track yourself for simpler tax accounting of work travel? Location based services apps? GPS is entirely unsuitable for long-term mobile tracking, and often runs a smartphone battery flat in a few hours. Neomatrix can track for weeks or more.

API Service

Neomatrix provides a scalable Location API that can provides routes travelled over a long-term period. Developers can sign up for an account, and use this to provide new position awareness to their apps. This may provide historical routes or positions where GPS is not available either on the device, or due to signal shielding or confusion. It greatly reduces power drain (no GPS needed), so won't run batteries flat as fast.

Neomatrix provides a small code library developers include in their app. This monitors movement of the device, and generates a small encrypted data string which the vendor can send to Neomatrix with their API key. The device historical paths and also last known position is then returned in the API call, together with timestamps.

(Note: Service not yet available and subject to change. Information for investors and government regulators only)