Our Team

Fun Fact: Chris’ dynamic experiences include guiding tours over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, operating a women’s only gym, and working face-to-face with Tom Cruise as a stand-in on the movie Mission Impossible. Chris also enjoys writing and chess. When he isn’t immersed in improve-the-world technology, Chris continues innovation in education scheduling, spending time with his family, snow skiing, and picking up litter on an optimized walking route.

Chris Cooper

Founder & Director of Innovation

Chris Cooper is founder and visionary leader of Neomatrix, overseeing the development of novel tracking technology, including its potential application to significantly address climate change by reducing traffic congestion.

Founded in 1999, Neomatrix initially developed hardware used to track government assets with GPS, authenticating drivers to log operator use and prevent theft. This work led to further government engagement including access to road network data not otherwise available to the public at the time.

Neomatrix’s map technology improved map error detection, paving the way for future innovation such as route compression that significantly improves on Google Polyline, including three draft patents. Chris’ career took a detour working with brother Dr. Tim Cooper, in SmartsGroup (sold to NASDAQ in 2010), and co-founding Edval Education, global leader in timetabling software and education consulting, which they sold in 2019 to London based TES.

While expanding Edval into international markets as the company’s director of innovation and speaker, Chris authored its thought-leadership library on smarter timetabling, which influenced UK government policy. This led to winning significant DfE EdTech grant competitions to improve flexible working for teachers, and developing next generation algorithms impacting school timetables around the globe.

The former Australian Special Forces Commando (+commendations) previously ran an investigation company where he authored “Behind the Private Eye” a government-accredited training textbook on surveillance, now a prescribed course text.

He also gained solid experience using non-GPS tracking systems in conducting surveillance (radio, GSM), which helped identify gaps in positioning technology which he is now addressing.

Fun Fact: Tatyana is an amateur painter who loves to draw portraits of people and animals.

She's a fan of many sports activities from yoga to hiking, and loves to do impossible things. and thinks the Neomatrix project is impossible enough to interest and amaze her.

Tatyana Khitrova

Lead Development Manager

Tatyana Khitrova is from Dnipro, Ukraine, wielding her 13 years of experience in cryptography, reverse engineering, windows hooks applications, including good multi-threading applications. Experience in numerous languages C++, C#, Go, Python, and PHP. Extensive experience in complex algorithms, including graphs, routing, and focus on high performance. Comfortable with NoSQL databases, and many standard tools and environments. Loves puzzles, and always devises creative solutions that optimises every bit, and CPU cycle.

Tatyana provides strong leadership of our development team. She is also deeply involved in generating an extensive pre-computation database, using many different algorithms, several developed in-house. Tatyana is also the lead on developing our core application code, which resolves historical tracked movement.

Fun fact: He has lived in the USA, Israel, UK, Cyprus, Poland, and now back in the USA, trying to decide his next destination!

Fun fact: While living in Cyprus by the beach he taught himself how to swim and ended up swimming long distances in the sea daily, year-round. Swimming 40 minutes in the dead of winter wearing only swim shorts has a way of invigorating you like nothing else! He then used his new-found skills to teach swimming to as many kids as he could (plus some adults).

Fun Fact: Jonathan loves comic books. In 18 months, he built the largest comic book businesses outside of the USA, hopefully bringing smiles to many kids :)

Jonathan Hashkes

Senior Researcher & Developer

Pioneering technical leader. Founded Magic Software, a 4GL database app development environment. This entity became Israel's first company to go public on NASDAQ.

Co-founded NDS (acquired by Cisco and now goes by Synamedia), which pioneered pay TV conditional access systems. Most set top boxes with a smart card use the patent Jonathan developed at NDS. His patents relate to low bandwidth compression techniques. This was needed to address millions of subscribers over satellite broadcast streams with low bit rates of only 100 bits/second.

Jonathan has used his deep knowledge of compression to help develop core Neomatrix technologies, such as compressing routes to tiny NeoTags. This is very useful for efficient, secure vehicle communication of route history. This is needed for dynamic road pricing, which is critical for solving traffic congestion.

Fun Fact: Alexandra began to code at school many years ago and loves it.

She hopes to one day become a doctor, and connect her life with medicine.

Alexandra Marysheva

Developer, Data manager, Statistician

Alexandra is a developer from Odesa, Ukraine. She has previously worked on high load enterprise projects with a various stack of technologies, frameworks and databases. Alex has a deep knowledge of microservices architecture, and has also successfully participated in numerous programming contests.

Skilled in Unified Modeling Language diagrams, Alex has elegantly redesigned a handful of Neomatrix tools by applying best practice software architecture design methodologies, making them more robust and extensible.

Her motto (Leonardo da Vinci): “Simplicity is the highest level of art”. Alex loves to refine the complex into artistic simplicity.

Fun Fact: Believes that problem solving is universal so likes to take on new challenges in new areas. Doesn't have a lot of hobbies outside his laptop screen!

Humam Helfawi

Senior Researcher & Developer

Extensive experience in highly complex areas of development, including specialising in computer vision research, autonomous driving / piloting, 3D inspection and also heterogeneous computing. Has extensive experience in coding firmware for embedded devices, including low powered wireless communication.

Humam has significant experience designing algorithms. He was heavily involved in the development of Neotag route compression, which significantly improved on the Google Polyline method.

Fun Fact: Mandy is a former mascot, pin-up artist, and voice-over talent, who enjoys traveling the world, cooking, and soaking up the outdoors in her free time.

Amanda Ferris

VP Corporate Strategy

Amanda Ferris is an entrepreneur and author from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her twenty years of experience working in operations management and corporate training springboarded Amanda into specializing as an executive coach & business consultant, focused on strategic partnerships and new business development. This includes winning the UK Department for Education Nesta Edtech Grant working on the Innovation Team at Edval Education.

Mandy is known for her quick-witted humor, creativity, and passion to drive results. She spearheads Neomatrix marketing, innovation funding, and efforts to deliver commercial value while making a difference globally through public benefit initiatives.

Splitting her time between Australia, the UK and USA, her dedication to lifelong learning and the pay-it-forward philosophy leaves traces; as an alumnus of the program, Mandy volunteers with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based organization that helps high school students prepare for their future careers and entrepreneurship.

Motto Life's not about the destination, but the route.

Fun Fact: Gilbert enjoys short, efficient walks on the beach, is single and looking for that special someone who will help him raise his flag, joining him on the journey of life.

Gilbert E. Dijkstra

Head of AI

Gilbert's humble upbringing as one of the last of many siblings has never stood in the way of leaving his unique mark on the world. This edgy former elite color-guard champion met Neomatrix founder, Chris Cooper, in a chance encounter while on a mountain climbing expedition in Europe. While he originally set his sights on staking his flag at the highest summit, Gilbert never imagined the greater heights he and Chris would make together in tracking, or anticipate the incredible twists and turns their journey would take them as they continue to mark history and explore new depths in their friendship.

Always providing a fresh angle for the team, Gilbert's contribution to Neomatrix surpasses all those who've come before him. When he isn't working from the NeoLab (a secure, undisclosed location), you can spot Gilbert hot on your trail, always happy to wave you into your trip's finish line.

Fun Fact: You are so clever and creative, that once you were given an important maths test. The teacher began marking the test, then discovered all the answers were wrong.

Except a closer examination revealed you had changed all the questions, so that your answers were all correct, for the questions you answered. Mischievous or talented? Both. You've always seen new and interesting ways to solve problems, and this is why you wanted to come work for Neomatrix!


You want to work on our team. You want to grow here with our Neomatrix family, building a better future. You are BOLD and creative. You don't need a boss, but you love mentors. You are happy to work in a team. You are loyal and fair. We can trust you.

You actively share your work success, so we can celebrate. You especially share your failures. These show you are not afraid to try, and not afraid to 'share' failures. Shows your confidence and strength. You may not have all the skills, but you have good attitude and passion. We teach skills, but can't teach passion.

Failures may show you are trying different, which is exciting. The road to success has a hundred doors of failures or knock backs. Each one you encounter is exciting, as it's another avenue you don't need to explore, another lesson learned, and another step closer to success. An absence of failure means you are either too shy, or worse, not pushing the boundary enough. Be BOLD! If you can't find one personal failure to share in months, you have failed.

You understand and share our mission goal. You get it. You recognise the value and want to passionately work towards the goal.

You don't ask for permission, you just DO. You guess and are fast, you don't ask for permission to breathe.

You never say sorry, unless e.g. you spill hot coffee in someone's lap, and you could have taken more care. You know sorry isn't often needed, and helps keep people small and 'over polite'. You focus on engaging and connecting, more than fearing you may offend.

You are assertive. You don't need much direction, but you will ask for help, or ask as many questions as you need. You trust your instincts.

You recognise leadership in others, but realise your job is to become a leader yourself. To lift others as much as yourself. So we can all enjoy more success.
Please join our team. Now. Tomorrow is too late.