Congestion Pricing

Solve Traffic with Dynamic Pricing

City planners globally agree some form of road pricing is needed to help speed up traffic, and save drivers billions of dollars in wasted time and fuel.

Global governments and the worlds media agree that congestion charging is 'the' solution to congestion. By applying a user pays model, we can price congestion. Then everyone has the ability to make a fast journey for a 'express pass' fee, or else save by travelling off peak. Overall, drivers will save as traffic congestion is a trillion dollar problem, paid for in driver's time. Congestion fees will be significantly less than what people currently value their time.

There are three main barriers to large scale adoption of road congestion charging, being a new and better way to mass monitor vehicles, a way to effectively communicate route history to a billing authority, and a privacy barrier - getting society comfortable to adopt a new tracking scheme. Neomatrix has developed novel, patent pending solutions to address all three main challenges.

GPS, GSM and Wifi are not very suitable to monitor vehicles, and congestion zones are good but still not great. The UK Government report advises the London congestion zone is now not fit for purpose)

Below are some of a large number of articles that show interest in dynamic road pricing: