yeah, we're trackin'

hi. We’re Neomatrix.

We've developed smart tracking tech which provides positional awareness where GPS can't. Our tech uses a fraction of battery power normally required in traditional location technology, allowing 24/7 lifetime tracking in small devices.

We believe

Smarter positioning can help solve traffic congestion and save lives around the world.

‘Peak-shaving’ is spreading out traffic to reduce congestion.

Our revolutionary, patent-pending tracking system addresses many problems with GPS, while providing additional benefits. Secure tracking that primarily occurs on main roads which is far more private than GPS. Neomatrix helps enable dynamic road pricing, which can dramatically reduce traffic congestion.

Our Technology Solves, Improves, Impacts

Neomatrix tracking works on *designated main roads, unlike GPS.

This method provides historical routes for billing, and doesn’t provide ‘live’ tracking, or stop destinations - both of which are , {under first icon}

Many road users to enjoy a dramatic reduction in annual road tax fees, while a small minority of commercial drivers pay far more, if they spend many hours driving roads at busy times. (This also reduces congestion)

Protects Privacy

Privacy in Tracking, Privacy in Billing, Flexible Costs

Neomatrix tracks movement on main roads, and isn’t privacy intrusive like GPS, which is location-tracking. Our technology keeps most local road use and destinations private.

Neomatrix method is only able to collect enough information to bill for peak hour road use, and simply can’t track you everywhere like GPS. Our solutions can also use blockchain to anonymise road-use from billing.

Neomatrix is inexpensive, and is similar to toll passes. With dynamic road pricing, it gives drivers freedom to reduce vehicle registration fees, or pay to drive faster trips in peak hour.