Who We Are...

Here at NeoMatrix, we've developed smart tracking tech which uses clever AI, listening to the earth's natural environment to sense your position. It improves satellite navigation systems, like GPS and Galileo, in several crucial areas:

  • Much less battery drain than GPS, a critical problem for mobile device tracking

  • Works where GPS may not, e.g. inside a shipping container, vehicle or tunnel

  • Can't be easily blocked, hacked or spoofed

  • Relies far less on external tech such as satellites, antennas etc.

These advantages allow 24/7 lifetime tracking with tiny devices and small batteries. Including in places where GPS can't find you!

What We're Doing Next...

NeoMatrix is now moving towards further developing our technology. We will soon offer our distinguished and internationally experienced transport butler app, GILBERT, available for both Android devices and iPhones. As your personal butler, Gilbert will help you save time, money, and the environment when you are out and about. He analyses your movements and looks for where you could make savings in the future. In his uniquely British way, Gilbert may politely announce that he detected you have filled up petrol at a very expensive location, and suggests that if you desire, he can help you find cheaper fuel next time, or even better, help remind you to fill on days when petrol prices are lower.

Gilbert might also help you realise the true cost of your car based on your history, be smarter when paying tolls - or for non-car users, where could you be more efficient using public transport.

With the unique low power tracking, AI analysis of your past with Gilbert's helpful predictive saving tips - you will save time and money, while also helping save the world by being more efficient in your movement.