Be Transport-Mindful!

Move Your Life Efficiently

Be transport-mindful and life efficient in your movement!
Change your behaviour and feel good!
Save your money & time!

Reduce your pollution!

Save the climate!

Save lives!

  • Avoid movement
    Is it needed? Can you do it online?
    With other tasks? By someone else?

  • Use public transport
    May be quicker than cars at times.
    Work on the train. Use time well.
    Cheaper. Less congestion/pollution.
    Save gym fees. Brisk walk to the station!

  • Traffic aware navigation
    You know the way to work, BUT
    You don’t know the
    fastest way each day.
    can be avoided. Move smart.

  • Consider early / later departures
    May save by just leaving 20 mins earlier.
    departure time. Avoid peak hour.
    Neomatrix reports your possible savings.

  • Don’t Speed - It costs you money
    Speeding burns costly fuel much faster.
    Save by using less fuel, & also avoid fines.
    Speeding raises accident risk. Costly.

  • Plan Trips to Reduce Waste in Stops
    Driving A-B-C good, but is A-C-B better?
    The order of your stops can be optimised.
    Bad in peak hour, best if not? Check! Pool your driving with others.
    Drive ridesharing, even if only taking fares going where you are anyway (e.g. work).
    Organise travel with others, or have them travel with you on regular trips.
    Discover the fun in ridesharing with strangers. Yes fun, while also saving the planet.

  • Ride Bikes and Scooters (or walk)
    Bike / electric scooter hire (or buy) is common, and cheap.
    Enjoy the wind in your hair, and
    the freedom to ride, pollution-free.
    Discover it’s often
    faster than a car in cities, plus it’s fun.

  • Use Travel Apps well (E.g.
    Plan to move smart, even if you know the way.
    Check best: time to leave, way to go, car/train?
    Maybe rideshare (pool) there, but train back?

  • Understand your movement
    How you see and understand a problem greatly helps fixing it.
    Analysing your historical movement efficiency hasn’t been easy.
    Neomatrix provides innovative tools to do this. Use them. Save.