You want to work on our team. You want to grow here with our NeoMatrix family, building a better future. You are BOLD and creative. You don't need a boss, but you love mentors. You are happy to work in a team. You are loyal and fair. We can trust you.

You actively share your work success, so we can celebrate. You especially share your failures. These show you are not afraid to try, and not afraid to 'share' failures. Shows your confidence and strength. You may not have all the skills, but you have a good attitude and passion. We teach skills, but can't teach passion.

Failures may show you are trying different, which is exciting. The road to success has a hundred doors of failures or knockbacks. Each one you encounter is exciting, as it's another avenue you don't need to explore, another lesson learned, and another step closer to success. An absence of failure means you are either too shy, or worse, not pushing the boundary enough. Be BOLD! If you can't find one personal failure to share in months, you have failed.

You understand and share our mission goal. You get it. You recognise the value and want to passionately work towards the goal.

You don't ask for permission, you just DO. You guess and are fast, you don't ask for permission to breathe.

You never say sorry, unless e.g. you spill hot coffee in someone's lap, and you could have taken more care. You know sorry isn't often needed, and helps keep people small and 'over-polite'. You focus on engaging and connecting, more than fearing you may offend.

You are assertive. You don't need much direction, but you will ask for help, or ask as many questions as you need. You trust your instincts.

You recognise leadership in others, but realise your job is to become a leader yourself. To lift others as much as yourself. So we can all enjoy more success.

Please join our team. Now. Tomorrow is too late.