NeoMatrix Business

Fun fact: Loves history. History teaches that one can never have enough passports. Loves therefore also to collect passports.

Luis A. Abril Romero

Head of Business Development

Ever since leaving Spain, Luis has spent more time outside of his original home country than within. He has worked his way up from a humble customer service agent to an internationally experienced business developer. In his last position, he was stationed in the Far East, where he was primarily tasked with figuring out how to sell fine Western spirits to frugal Asian customers.

Because of his dealings with people from all four corners of the world, Luis has developed an obsession with consumer psychology, nudging, the variation of human cultures and the constants of human nature. He likes to remind people that a business’s business is not so much the product or service it delivers but the needs and wants of its customers.

Luis has always been interested in matters of strategy and geopolitics, a passion that he indulged in fully during his university years. During that time, he cultivated a deep understanding of the interplay between the environment, geography, resources, politics, economics, infrastructure, and human behaviour. Luis is thus fully aware of the urgent need for addressing climate change on as many fronts as possible, and hopes to contribute to that goal through his work at NeoMatrix.

Fun Fact: Mandy is a former mascot, pin-up artist, and voice-over talent, who enjoys traveling the world, cooking, and soaking up the outdoors in her free time.

Amanda Ferris

Head of Humour & Investor Relations

Amanda Ferris is an entrepreneur and author from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her twenty years of experience working in operations management and corporate training springboarded Amanda into specializing as an executive coach & business consultant, focused on strategic partnerships and new business development. This includes winning the UK Department for Education Nesta Edtech Grant working on the Innovation Team at Edval Education.

Mandy is known for her quick-witted humor, creativity, and passion to drive results. She spearheads Neomatrix marketing, innovation funding, and efforts to deliver commercial value while making a difference globally through public benefit initiatives.

Splitting her time between Australia, the UK and USA, her dedication to lifelong learning and the pay-it-forward philosophy leaves traces; as an alumnus of the program, Mandy volunteers with BestPrep, a Minnesota-based organization that helps high school students prepare for their future careers and entrepreneurship.