Be Car-Efficient!

Drive Your Life Efficiently

Be transport-mindful and life-efficient in your car!
Change your behaviour and feel good!
Save your money & time!

Reduce your pollution!

Save the climate!

Save lives!

  • Keep tyres pumped full. Slightly flat tyres increase fuel consumption and tyre wear. Save money. Pump!

  • Remove excess weight in the boot. Don't pay for fuel or brake wear, to lug stuff around unless needed.

  • Remove luggage on roof racks. Or remove the racks themselves. Don't pay to push air. Stay streamlined and save.

  • Keep your car serviced. Efficient car engines cost less to run, and break down less. Or get a fully electric vehicle. They have no engine, so almost need no servicing, which saves money, too.

  • Don't speed. You use 25% more fuel at 110km/h than 90 km/h. Go faster and pay so much more. Stick to limits or even slightly under to save, plus avoid speeding tickets.

  • Gentle on acceleration, braking and cornering. You probably won't get anywhere much faster, but you will pay more in fuel, servicing and tyres. Plus it's more tiring to drive aggressively.

  • Use cruise control. This reduces fuel consumption by more gently managing acceleration and maybe also braking. Plus it's less tiring. Consider using it more than just on highways.

  • Limit idling. Switch off. Don't pay to waste fuel. Get out or open windows. Idling also harms kid's health at school pickup.

  • Air-conditioning costs. Up to 60 km/h windows down is more efficient than aircon if you can, but at faster highway speeds, windows should be UP to reduce drag. Consider fan only. If using aircon, don't set the temperature too extreme. Costs increase a lot more with just a few degrees difference.

  • Park in the shade when hot (or sun if cool). Think and park smart. Help precool or preheat your car to save fuel running the aircon when you begin driving.

  • Get rid of your car
    Once radical, now common. CarNextDoor, GoGet...
    Long trips: Use car-sharing. Short trips: Public transport/rideshare /bike
    own car may already cost you double what you think it does. Did you know that?

  • Get a cheaper car (Lifetime ownership)
    Get an EV! A Tesla Model 3’s lifetime cost is already lower than many petrol cars.
    are increasing value over petrol cars. Charge-free! (home solar+batteries / shops).
    Partly self-driving EV cars are already
    ten times less likely to be in an accident. Save!