Snowflake Location (No GPS!)

Set your Current Location

If GPS is down, or you don't grant permission for GPS, Gilbert still needs to know where you are somehow.

This can be by:

  • You enter your current street address (or closest address)

  • You drive for at least 5 mins or 2km, so Gilbert can determine your position from sensors

Manual entry of your current start address will speed up Gilbert being able to determine your position, and follow you as you move. Gilbert can also then register your ongoing locations for the benefit of other apps, such as Google Maps. This allows full offline GPS navigation, using NeoMatrix technology to determine your location.

You may enter an actual street address, or a business location. Then, drag the map to more precisely position your location on the map.

At this stage Gilbert can only work with manually entered start locations, as while 'cold start' locating has been developed, it's not yet ready for Gilbert to use. Stay tuned though... it's exciting!

Good to know there is now an option to navigate without needing GPS to determine your position.