EcoTraX - Travel analysis

If told you may save some time or money by using navigation on your regular commute to work, you may not bother, thinking (incorrectly), you already know the way. However:

Neomatrix Ecotrax reports historical recorded movement, and compares this with computed optimum movement. It's far more powerful to see what you likely have wasted, over a month, than to be told you might have saved if you used a new tool on any one trip.

Tracking your Historical Movement

Google provides a similar type of service, with its monthly NEST report. This report shows monthly energy costs, and where and how you could have saved.

Neomatrix's Ecotrax does this for your historical movement.

This is not a simple service. Long term 24/7 tracking of movement can't usually be done on mobile devices, as the power draw is far too high for GPS. Neomatrix tracking uses a fraction of the power of GPS, so is able to constantly monitor movement to provide efficiency reports.

Movement efficiency (using cars or public transport) is extremely difficult to compute mentally, yet the absence of this critical feedback leads to much inefficient travel. Climate change and traffic congestion can be improved if people had feedback and easier access to where they have movement waste OR are paying for high fuel costs. Helps save users time and money, as well as CO2.

Navigating Economically via Ecotrax

The Ecotrax service can also navigate you more economically.

Most navigation systems have options to set just tolls OR no-toll options.

Better is a service (ours!) that computes more efficient routes that consider tolls by the cost of each toll.

Save 4 mins by paying $25 tolls? Hmmm maybe not. Save 25 mins by paying $4? Yes - give me that route!

Route costs vary widely. Best pay only for the tolls that fit your budget :-)

FUEL: Be navigated to cheap fuel. Have trips costs computed by the price you filled up. Be prompted if you filled up at an expensive fuel station, especially if you do this often. Reports help you focus on saving in the future.

Another efficient routing is EV and heavy vehicle - considering road terrain.

(Note: Service not yet available and subject to change. Information for investors and government regulators only)