Traffic Congestion

A Big Global Problem

There is no shortage of material dedicated to the analysis of the congestion problem, spanning from government think tanks to the world's media and lobbyists. These are not obscure reports - these are front page, major media news stories.

They are all saying the same thing.

Congestion is getting worse, much worse. This has literally deadly consequences. Congestion kills millions through air pollution (now also a Covid-19 transport medium according to reports) and costs drivers and governments trillions.

The reports are also all saying another thing.

Tackling the Problem

To fix traffic congestion, building more and more roads is the wrong way. This only creates more traffic.

To fix traffic congestion, we need to dynamically price roads. Push demand off busy roads with pricing strategies.

The question is how? Monitoring the vehicles is the biggest problem, and privacy the second biggest problem.

NeoMatrix technology solves both these major areas.

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