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Innovation Delivered

Let Neomatrix accelerate your results with innovative technology using energy-efficient tracking of your transport, including devices, freight, and fleet vehicles for increased visibility.

Reinventing Global Positioning

Neomatrix has developed novel patent-pending technology to determine position without needing any external reference points (GPS, GSM, Wifi). Needs a fraction of the power GPS uses, needs no antenna, simpler hardware, and allows near 'lifetime' battery-based tracking.


Novel, Non-GPS Positioning, ultra-low power, needs no antenna or external reference points (Wifi/GSM/GPS). Supports 24/7/365 tracking. Extend phone battery life, or track IoT. Primary goal: Address climate change by reducing traffic congestion. Dynamic road pricing is ideal, but tracking vehicle movements is a showstopper. GPS is not suitable for DRP due to: Power, antenna, GPS blocking, needs expensive vehicle installation. Neomatrix provides tracking with portable smart number plates, and no hardwiring. GPS has severe privacy issues, which Neomatrix route tracking addresses (it’s not ‘point’ tracking). Privacy be addressed with blockchain visibility.

World's Smallest Tracking System

Smaller than GPS! No antenna, lower power draw.

Traffic Management for Governments

  • Reduce traffic congestion

  • Save on road infrastructure

  • Smarter road network analysis

  • Identify map errors with AI

Smart Movement Tools for Business. Discover:

  • Waste in driver history

  • Unusual driver stops.

  • Opportunity. Save money and the environment with Eco-Routing

  • NeoTag patent pending route compression

Position Resolution No need for GPS!

License our Patent Pending Technology

  • Extend mobile device batteries

  • Law enforcement

  • Firmware update

  • Position visibility in some devices not originally built for tracking