Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion

One of the World's Biggest Problems...

Traffic congestion causes so many deaths, including from pollution. It costs financially, in time-waste, and in ‘quality of life.

Congestion can be solved. It’s a silent killer, a silent drain on society. We never see the link openly. It’s not ‘directly visible’. Serious vehicle accidents quickly led to laws on safety. Imagine if society could properly see the link between deaths and true cost of congestion, or discover that it is now an entirely preventable problem.

... and NeoMatrix Has a Novel Solution

City transport planners and others around the world agree that dynamic road pricing is the best way to solve traffic congestion. Easily said, not easily done. Chargeable congestion zones around some city centres like London are good, but not great. They are coarse, and only cover a fraction of the busy road network.

What we need is to dynamically charge for use on all main roads. This would allow many road users to enjoy a dramatic reduction in annual road tax fees, while a small minority of commercial drivers pay far more, if they spend many hours driving roads at busy times. User pays shifts some drivers to leave earlier, or return later to save money under the scheme - while others avoid journeys entirely or move to public transport. It’s called peak shaving the traffic. Spreading it out, so congestion is reduced overall.

Pricing roads for their cost of use is relatively simple, except for one key problem - tracking the cars.

You may think GPS is the obvious solution for ‘detecting position’ of cars using main roads at busy times, but no, it is completely unsuitable for many reasons. Very high power consumption, requires hard wiring into cars, easily defeated and relatively expensive, let alone privacy concerns. Quite simply, it just would not work for mass adoption.

Neomatrix has the solution. A revolutionary, patented tracking system that addresses all the problems with GPS, while ‘also’ providing many more benefits. Secure tracking that can only occur on main roads through a blockchain solution, allows more private tracking. It enables dynamic road pricing, to make it a user-pays system - and which will dramatically address traffic congestion.

(Note: Service not yet available and subject to change. Information for investors and government regulators only)