Mapping tools

Tools for Data Mapping

Neomatrix has developed several online tools to use with mapping data, including:

Route Compression: Upload GPX etc. route files. Neomatrix compresses files far more than other services, while also correcting GPS errors. Save as GPX or NeoTag. Smaller than Google Polyline!

Route visualiser: Upload GPX or Neotags. Visualise routes in helpful, colourful ways.

Map error detection: Smart algorithms flag map anomalies, aiding corrections. Orphaned road segments, naming or segment errors, missing road name sections within named roads and more.

Simulated paths: Generate paths for testing, with various realistic characteristics.

Best paths: Efficient classification of all roads into routable paths, to aid predictions.

Predicted turns: Novel network statistics predict next turns without needing to know the road network or previous path roads. Law enforcement surveillance may told: 'Suspect's next turn will be: LEFT. Probability 91%'. With road network and historical path also considered, turn probability accuracy further increases.

Movement reporting: Innovative analysis of movement, reports unusual driver behaviour. Hidden stops are uncovered by examining route probability, even if driver didn't stop, or route is close to usual base.

Example road name anomaly in Open Street Map vs Google. Cascades Drive only begins after the turn, not before. (As it's a link)

Intersection is also a slightly incorrect road structure depicted in Google Maps. The 'link' lane is missing. Is it veer or turn right here?

Google satellite view: Road divider lane, not shown in the usual Google map view.

Google Street View shows road divider lane, not shown in the usual Google map view.

(Note: Service not yet available and subject to change. Information for investors and government regulators only)