NeoMatrix AI

Fun Fact: Tatyana is an amateur painter who loves to draw portraits of people and animals. She's a fan of many sports activities from yoga to hiking. Tatyana also loves to do impossible things, and regards the NeoMatrix project as impossible enough to interest and amaze her.

Tatyana Khitrova

Co Founder & Head of AI Development

Tatyana Khitrova is Head of Development at NeoMatrix as well as co-founder. She has 13 years of experience in cryptography, reverse engineering, windows hooks applications, and multi-threading. Tatyana is also experienced in numerous languages, such as C++, C#, Go, Python, and PHP. She has a masters degree in applied maths, and helped found NeoMatrix.

Tatyana has extensive experience in complex algorithms, including graphs, routing, and a focus on high performance. She feels equally at home with NoSQL databases, and many standard tools and environments. She also loves puzzles, and devises creative solutions to optimise every bit, and CPU cycle.

Tatyana provides solid leadership to our development team. She is also deeply involved in generating an extensive pre-computation database, using many different algorithms, developed in-house. Tatyana is also the lead on developing our core application code, which resolves historical tracked movement.

Fun Fact: Yosef is pretty sharp when playing computer games. An uncanny ability to predict statistically relevant outcomes, and play accordingly. It's not actually cheating, it's just maths! He also loves reading Ethiopian history books

Yosef Alemneh

Machine Learning Specialist

Born and trained in Ethiopia, he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa University.

Yosef also has a Certificate in Algorithms Specialisation by Stanford on Coursera, and also one in Tensorflow: Advanced Techniques Specialization by DeepLearning.AI.

Yosef is trained in Python and also does basic C++ coding, including porting models to C++

Yosef has developed several amazing prediction models for NeoMatrix, as well as developing a novel time correction method to greatly reduce payload size, by designing a method to better control the time error correction distribution.

He works with the core match AI team, on multiple predictive models.

Fun Fact: Jonathan has lived in the USA, Israel, UK, Cyprus, Poland, and is now back in the USA, trying to decide his next destination! He loves comic books. In 18 months, he built the largest comic book businesses outside of the USA, hopefully bringing smiles to many kids :)

Jonathan Hashkes

Senior Researcher & Developer

Jonathan Hashkes is our pioneering technical leader. He founded Magic Software, a 4GL database app development environment. This entity became Israel's first company to go public on NASDAQ.

He also co-founded NDS (acquired by Cisco and now goes by Synamedia), which pioneered pay-TV conditional access systems. Most set-top boxes with a smart card use the patent Jonathan developed at NDS. His patents relate to low bandwidth compression techniques. This was needed to address millions of subscribers over satellite broadcast streams with low bit rates of only 100 bits/second.

Jonathan has used his deep knowledge of compression to help develop core NeoMatrix technologies, such as compressing routes to tiny NeoTags. This is very useful for efficient, secure vehicle communication of route history. This is needed for dynamic road pricing, which is critical for solving traffic congestion.

Fun Fact: Felipe enjoys writing science fiction as a hobby. He likes swimming, biking and going for a walk. His favorite literary quote is 'My kingdom for a horse'.

Felipe Tambasco

Computer Vision Engineer & Machine Learning Expert

Felipe Tambasco is the image procession and computer vision expert here at NeoMatrix. His expertise covers such fields as object detection, object tracking, semantic segmentation, image classification, style transfer, template matching, feature matching, fast-moving objects detection, OCR (optical character recognition), background removal, image compression, denoising, image analysis.

Felipe can boast of having a vast experience of all relevant technologies in the field, chiefly Python, C++, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, CNN, RNN, LSTM, and GAN.

Love AI and Machine Learning? Join our team!

Data Scientists Team

Some of the team and ML advisors are degree qualified in Econometrics or Data Science, and have worked in large global companies on interesting projects. Our team has been predicting data, recognising and classifying data, and some have won TopCoder competitions in ML and AI challenges.

Machine Learning, reinforcement learning, generative adversarial networks, LSTM, Neural Nets, Auto encoders, attention networks...

There's a range of skills and experience in some advanced areas, and our tech is built on ML technologies.

Motto: Life's not about the destination, but the route.

Fun Fact: Gilbert enjoys short, efficient walks on the beach, is single and looking for that special someone who will help him raise his flag, joining him on the journey of life.

Gilbert E. Dijkstra

Senior Advisor

Gilbert's humble upbringing as one of the last of many siblings has never stood in the way of leaving his unique mark on the world. This edgy former elite color-guard champion met NeoMatrix founder, Chris Cooper, in a chance encounter while on a mountain climbing expedition in Europe. While he originally set his sights on staking his flag at the highest summit, Gilbert never imagined the greater heights he and Chris would make together in tracking, or anticipate the incredible twists and turns their journey would take them as they continue to mark history and explore new depths in their friendship.

Always providing a fresh angle for the team, Gilbert's contribution to NeoMatrix surpasses all those who've come before him. When he isn't working from the NeoLab (a secure, undisclosed location), you can spot Gilbert hot on your trail, always happy to wave you into your trip's finish line.