The Challenge

Do You Have "Transport Mindfulness"?

We like to think that when we go from A to B, our decision on whether to hop into the car, take the bus, ride a bike or walk is based on logic and calculation. Research clearly shows that is not the case. All too often, habit and guesswork take over the driving seat in our heads. This lack of transport mindfulness leads to poor choices and hence to trip waste - needless losses of your time and money.

Lack of transport mindfulness impacts the population and planet in so many ways:

  • Excessive fuel costs

  • More wear and tear on your vehicle

  • Produces unbridled pollution

  • Higher taxes for roads, bridges and other infrastructure

These inefficient and ill-considered individual transport decisions build up into a great problem. These exploding consequences and rising expenditures threaten both our health and the environment.

Consequences of Inefficient Transport Decisions

For Individuals

  • waste of time

  • waste of money

  • higher tax burden due to increased infrastructure costs

  • personal health impacts due to noise and air pollution

  • increased chance of Covid19 infection due to the virus riding on air pollution particles

For Communities

  • air pollution

  • noise pollution

  • visual pollution

  • traffic congestion

  • greater burden on public budgets due to increased infrastructure costs

  • greater burden on public budgets due to costs incurred dealing with environmental pollution

  • health impact of traffic

  • COVID-19 deaths increase a lot in areas with higher air pollution

  • reduced solar power efficiency due to air pollution

For the World

  • waste of precious non-renewable resources

  • climate change (also known as global heating)

What is to be done?

Every day, you go from point A to point B. You use the same route, same mode and it takes a similar amount of time. What if... it was actually more efficient, less costly and more mindful to get out of the habit and try a different approach?

Here at NeoMatrix, we have a master plan and a technology to help you reduce trip waste, thereby empowering you to save money, time, and the environment.