Smart Movement Tools for Business

Gain new insights into your own historical movement, or that of your work fleet drivers.

Unlike GPS, Neomatrix technology doesn't run batteries flat with two hours of constant use. It can monitors long-term driver/rider movement, which can't be done effectively with GPS.

Neomatrix has also developed novel, patent-pending algorithms to analyse movement in new ways. This enables clever hidden-stop reporting on driver's long term history. Points of interest are flagged, even if drivers didn't spend any time at a location, and even if it's not far away from regular routes. Intelligent analysis pinpoints locations to query, based on movement efficiency. This identifies suspected minor navigation errors, but also locations visited to possibly drop off or pick up passengers or goods, even without drivers spending any time at all at these locations. Because it's not just time or even distance that is relevant to query, it's efficiency.

Route Analysis

Neomatrix smart route analysis shows:

  • Waste. Who regularly drives inefficient routes? Who speeds or wastes petrol?

  • Confidence. Who drives hesitantly, with frequent minor navigation errors?

  • Unusual driver stops. Why did they drive an extra 5km to some unexpected point?

  • Opportunity. Save money and the environment with Eco-Routing.

(Note: Service not yet available and subject to change. Information for investors and government regulators only)