The Master Plan

The Origins

NeoMatrix Ltd was founded in 1999 by Chris Cooper to safeguard public assets with tracking technology like GPS. These systems showed significant shortcomings during the day-to-day business, shortcomings that Chris quickly noticed. He thereupon began devising a method to use existing technology in a novel and clever way to track travel movement.

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The earth is emanating information, which we sense to determine your position.

The Vision

Welcome to the birth of a completely new type of technology! By using environmental sensors, our technology can sense the natural patterns and forces of the earth, and determine the position of a device.

To achieve this, we do not need satellites or cell towers, but merely a smart device, such as the ordinary mobile phone that is in your pocket. And we can do this while going much easier on your battery than GPS, and being more protective of your data to boot!

Imagine tracking a container that reports its location in such a way that bandits can not block its coordinates, or finding the most resource-, time- and fuel-efficient route between two points with just a click of a button on your phone. Imagine this app learns your travel habits and suggests the best modes of transport, gently encouraging informed environmental and budget-friendly choices, and even informing you of the least expensive fuel locations.

Fewer vehicles during peak times enhance travel speed and thus efficiency.

The Destination

The greatest contribution of our revolutionary technology is its ability to fight the environmental polluter, emotional irritant, and thief of money and time number one: traffic congestion.

Transport planners have tried to tackle traffic congestion for a long time now. In terms of theory, they have already figured out how to do that, namely by levying tolls in a certain area, based on distance driven and time of day. This makes economically-minded people shift their travel to non-peak times, which reduces the volume of traffic. Fewer vehicles during peak times enhance travel speed and thus efficiency.

There are just a few problems with this concept; dynamic road pricing requires a technology that monitors and bills the user while simultaneously protecting their privacy. Unfortunately, current GPS-systems are wholly unsuited for dynamic road pricing schemes, as they do not work well without line-of-sight to the sky, need an antenna and satellites, are easily spoofed or blocked, are expensive, and drain batteries quickly. They also suffer from severe deficiencies regarding security and privacy, as trips can be traced back to the individual user.

NeoMatrix novel technology is the answer to all these problems. It will be more reliable, more accurate, less expensive, and more protective of the privacy of the individual. In other words, NeoMatrix technology will work hand-in-glove with dynamic road pricing schemes. And while doing so, it will make the world a better place.

From Vision to MasterPlan

  1. Refine the technology and make it ready for market launch.

  2. Release a mobile application that helps people save money, time, and the environment while they are out and about.

  3. Use the money earned from that to develop B2B services.

  4. Use the money earned from B2B to develop a tailor-made solution for dynamic road pricing structure.

  5. Strive for 50% diversity for staff and leadership positions while doing # 1-4.

Why We Do What We Do

Our master plan is grounded in the values that drive us here at NeoMatrix.

Our master plan is also grounded in the challenges the world is facing right now when it comes to the negative consequences of transport.