NeoMatrix Data

Fun Fact: Alexandra began to code at school many years ago and loves it. She hopes to one day become a doctor, and connect her life with medicine.

Alexandra Marysheva

Head of Data Development

Alexandra is a developer from Odesa, Ukraine. She has previously worked on high load enterprise projects with a various stack of technologies, frameworks and databases. Alex has a deep knowledge of microservices architecture and has also successfully participated in numerous programming contests.

Skilled in Unified Modeling Language diagrams, Alex has elegantly redesigned a handful of Neomatrix tools by applying best practice software architecture design methodologies, making them more robust and extensible.

Her motto (Leonardo da Vinci): “Simplicity is the highest level of art”. Alex loves to refine the complex into artistic simplicity.

Fun Fact: Believes that problem-solving is universal so likes to take on new challenges in new areas. Doesn't have a lot of hobbies outside his laptop screen!

Humam Helfawi

Senior Researcher & Developer

Humam has extensive experience in highly complex areas of development, including specialising in computer vision research, autonomous driving/piloting, 3D inspection, and also heterogeneous computing. He is also very experienced in coding firmware for embedded devices, including low powered wireless communication.

In addition, Humam has significant experience in designing algorithms. He was heavily involved in the development of NeoTag route compression, which significantly improved on the Google Polyline method.

Humam also develops and tunes some of our Machine Learning models

Fun Fact: Mathaus enjoys his guitar, soccer, videogames... but nothing compares to the real pleasures of life... maths and programming... of course! The world is full of puzzles to solve, and there is much joy unravelling each!

Matheus Cardoso

Researcher & C++ Developer

Active participant of Codeforces' Competitive Programming rounds, 1700+ (Expert) rated, with more than 1100 problems solved. Matheus is also delving into Rust and Functional Programming!

He started his learning journey with online courses, such as edX, Coursera and MIT OCW.

Matheus works on several statistical and probability areas, as well as on NeoTag2, which is novel, ultra high compression ratio storage of environmental sensor data.

As a newer coder in C++, Matheus was taken on knowing he needed some mentoring, but he has proved to be a highly effective coder, and a valued member of the clever team.