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Chris Cooper began working in the security industry during 1987 and was soon locating debtors and delivering court papers as a process server. By 1989 he had started his own PI business, and before long, passed selection for the Australian Special Forces. For the next thirteen years Chris worked as both a Commando and a private investigator. He completed several investigator training courses with both NSW TAFE and Charles Sturt University. Having secretly followed and photographed hundreds of people throughout his career as a PI, Chris has a wealth of experience which he now shares with readers in this book. To his credit, he has:

  • Worked on large factual investigations like the Kangaroo Rock disaster (91 injured at Manly)

  • Worked as team leader on many large surveillance operations, including some requiring the arrest of large numbers of individual offenders

  • Conducted covert inquires and recovery raids to recover counterfeit stock

  • Significantly reduced instances of fraud, and his surveillance has resulted in large savings for many of his corporate clients

  • Worked undercover on covert operations under the guise of occupations ranging from factory worker to ‘qualified’ X-Ray technician. Infiltrated criminal networks distributing counterfeit goods and pirate pay TV services, resulting in arrests and subsequent convictions

  • Worked as a live-in armed bodyguard to several clients

  • Worked on a remote goldmine in the Philippines in a heavily occupied terrorist area, narrowly avoiding a kidnapping attempt – among other ‘interesting’ overseas jobs

  • In 1999 was posted overseas with the Army to Bougainville, where he personally devised and instigated “Clean-up Bougainville Day” which was approved by the Defence Force and brought the Australian Army and several warring factions such as the BRA together for a community orientated activity day

  • Left the Army in 2002 as a qualified Commando instructor in many Special Forces disciplines including mountain warfare, boating, rock climbing and more

  • Researched and written this book

Chris is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of surveillance, including working in difficult rural locations. Although still involved in the investigation industry as a training consultant, he has moved into information technology, and is conducting government funded research and development into a new positioning and tracking technology.