This book was written as a training resource for any person involved in surveillance investigations, security or fraud detection, in government or private enterprise, including:

APS – Australian Protective Service officers

ASIO – Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

ASIS – Australian Secret Intelligence Service

Customs officers

Corrective service officers

DSD – Defence Signals Directorate

Debt collectors, Mercantile agents, Process servers

Environmental protection officers

Fisheries compliance officers (seafood industry)

Independent Commission Against Corruption

Immigration officers

Investigative Journalists

Lawyers, Solicitors (Family law, injury)

Paparazzi photographers

Parks and wildlife officers

Private Investigators &

Police officers

Quarantine inspectors

Security Officers

Although this book is an excellent investigator training resource, it is also packed full of case stories which are fascinating and amusing. The training material itself is also interesting, as it shows readers the “behind the scenes” techniques of the intriguing PI world, with detailed explanations and discussion of how a real PI both thinks and operates. This novel style greatly assists students to understand concepts rather than learn by rote.

More than just a great training resource, more than just a great true-crime novel. Its both!