Saves Money


Regardless if you are a novice PI or an experienced agent, this book is guaranteed to have at least one technique you have not heard of previously. In fact it is likely to have many, and each new technique you learn has the potential to save you money and save you time. It can enable you to:

Deduce intelligence faster – who, what, where and how are they doing it?

Be more comfortable on the job (Vehicle cooling devices & techniques)

Be more ‘covert’. Reduce chance of getting caught when doing surveillance

Make better decisions when predicting the actions of your subject

Provide more comprehensive and detailed reports to your clients

Unlike other occupations, the surveillance industry is a game of chance. PI’s get paid for results, or only get work with consistently good results. In this uncertain environment, Behind the Private Eye acts as a guide and mentor – helping you achieve great results every time. Learn some new PI techniques and stack the odds in your favour!